Botorikko, Machine Created State is an interactive installation made of two to bicycles construction, two computer monitors and two pseudo robot manikin figures. For this artwork, we developed two artificial intelligence philosopher clones representing Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. They are discussing social, historical and philosophical standpoints related to politics, diplomacy, strategy, wars and conflicts. Furthermore, we designed a sentiment analysis algorithm capable to interpret sentiment from the authentic machine-created content and move the robots’ head accordingly. The sentiments analysis algorithm is using typical human head-movement behaviour based on six basic emotions anger, happy, sad, fear, surprise, disgust.

By pedalling bicycles, visitors are starting sword fight between Machiavelli and Sun Tzu manikin figures look robots, placed at the front part of the bicycles (see Fig. 7). The installation is a unique example of human-robot-robot interaction which tends to become genuine social phenomena of our and future time. Moreover, sentiment analysis of the authentic machine-made content is giving us an opportunity, based on multiple data types used in AIR, to follow AI agent interpretations of given knowledge and emotional gesture-based data.